Hawkinge Hurricanes are an all ability club and we aim to provide structured, fun training for all.

We aim to support:

  • Physical conditioning

  • Technical and Tactical drills

  • Lifestyle support

  • Athlete development


FUNdamental Group

These are athletes embarking on the new challenge of running. FUNdamental athletes will follow a 10 week walk/jog programme supported by the club coach and qualified leaders.

Over the 10-week training programme athletes will review good running technique and incorporate agility, balance and coordination ideas as part of appropriate warm-up’s. This group is just as it says in the title – fun. We all work as a team to achieve our goals.

Foundation Group

This group is a progressive step from FUNdamental and it allows athletes to filter into the main core of the club whilst still being fully supported by club leaders.

Foundation group athletes will begin to follow the club training schedule which offers definitive structure to training such as speed work, hill work, building endurance, track and trail session.


Event Group Development

This group is often divided into two Alpha and Omega.

This group are athletes working towards a specific goal or event.

This group is supported often on a 1-2-1 basis. The Event Group still train within the main body of the club.

We encourage a looping policy on our sessions so the group stays together and no athlete is left alone.