Meet the Team


UKA Level 2 Coach in Running Fitness

I started running in 2011 with a friend, initially it was to lose some weight and get fitter. In 20 weeks of training I completed my first ½ marathon hand in hand with my friend. From then on, I have been bitten by the bug. I have raced from 5K to 100K distances and loved every minute of it.

I qualified as a Leader in Running Fitness and with quick succession challenged myself with the Coach in Running Fitness. I coach adults within Hawkinge Hurricanes RC taking athletes from 0 – Goal with a bit of fun, hills, cake and beer thrown in for good measure.

I have also completed Adult & Child Safeguarding, Anti-Doping, Sports Nutrition and Sport Psychology.

Away from Hawkinge Hurricanes I coach children and schools through the Shepway Sports Trust as a volunteer


Leader in Running Fitness, Mental Health Champion & Welfare Officer

Hi my name is Marie and I have been a member of Hawkinge Hurricanes since the day it started.

I qualified as a Running in Fitness Leader in March this year to help others achieve their goals in running, whatever that may be.

I have been running on and off for over 15 years but only really took it more seriously in 2014 when I completed my first half marathon, full marathon and an ultra-marathon (100K) in the space of 6 months. I then got the running bug and run 3-5 times a week since. I have now completed 10 marathons and now want to turn my attention to half marathon and 10K distance.

I love the way running can turn your day from being boring, miserable, sad and tired to feeling amazing, energised, happy and on top of the world. To use a quote from others, “there is no such thing as a bad run, only the regret to have not run”.

Happy running everyone.


Leader in Running Fitness & Mental Health Champion

Couldn’t run for toffee, also funny enough the first time I met our coach Sam Miller. In not so great a pair of trainers and on the heavier side I completed couch to 5k back in 2013. My motivation, get myself fit and trim again. As a beginner from that initial buzz of being able to run a 5k non-stop, next goal, completing the hottest, toughest London 10k at that. With each and every milestone a daunting prospect I’ve pushed beyond what I’d run in distance before. So, before you know it I’m addicted, runner’s high – ’tis strong stuff you know.

The following year I up my game encouraged by the crew and undertake a first half marathon no less. Daunted at the prospect of running for over 2 hours I enter Bedgebury Half. A trail route I go for it – nerves, yup had ’em, before the race, mid race and in fact most races. For me part of the psyche of undertaking any challenge but once underway, it’s all about overcoming you’re mind, settling into a rhythm and going for it. Are all runs straight forward? No. Are all runs easy? No. For me often moments of why am I doing this…. again? To, knew I could, when and where’s the next one?

I’ve gone onto run Marathons and the Ultimate goal an Ultra. See like you I’m a runner can’t stop and won’t stop, until I no longer can. It’s the reason I love to encourage others they can too. I was invited by the club to complete an England Athletics Leaders in Running Fitness course in 2016 and now enjoy leading all abilities run and keep improving. It’s not about how far, not even how fast it’s knowing ‘you’ can! It’s what our club is all about with added fun. Happy Running 😉


Leader in Running Fitness

Hi, I’m Ali Mansell and I started running in 2011 and with no experience and did my first 10k round Bluewater the same year.

I remember thinking back then this is impossible. It really isn’t! Six years down the line, I’m a UK athletics qualified running leader and spend most spare moments either running with club, out on my own or with my dog and kids.

I’ve completed two marathons and several half marathons, 10k and 5k’s. I look for a special something or quirkiness in races (no obstacles or dressing up though!), so I can often be found doing something weird!

I especially enjoy and find inspiration in leading the beginner runners and seeing them progress to strong and healthy athletes.


Qualified Leader in Running Fitness

My name is Keith Mansell. I have always been an active person since childhood. In my adult life, I have an office based job so find it important to find activities to keep me physically and mentally healthy. Whilst I’ve tried the usual things, football, martial arts, skateboarding, there is always something that pulls me back to the simplest of actives we can do, running.

Having got back into it for a few years now I have tested myself with a number of distances from 5k to marathon and even a summer and winter series. I like to try different races rather than doing the same ones over again. In 2016, I discovered the joy of Sprint Triathlons and ended up doing 5 that year.

This year is another 5. I am hoping to get my swimming up to a standard that I can try and go further distances in the future but always enjoying the training.


EA Leader in Running Fitness

I never set out to complete 100 marathons, I only wanted to do one and one in particular – London. Since a teenager I had witnessed the inspiring pictures of people taking part in this iconic race and wanted to be one of them. After many years of trying through the ballot one October morning in 2012 an acceptance magazine hit the doormat and my life took a different turn.

I had six months to go from unfit non-runner to marathon fit. Inevitably I got injured in the attempt and had to defer my place to the following year. During that time, I discovered a love for running and particularly races and so in April 2014 I was ready for my marathon debut in London – which was an incredible experience. In the weeks before I realised that I would need extra motivation and support to continue to grow in running, so I joined Hawkinge Hurricanes and haven’t looked back since.

After running just two marathons a year in 2014 and 2015, I discovered Saxon Viking Normans in early 2016 and in my first event with them I finally nailed a sub 4 marathon and was hooked. During 2016/17 when I was Town Mayor of Folkestone I decided to take part in several running events to raise money for my chosen local charities, whilst promoting running and the benefits of being fit and healthy. During the year I had planned to take part in 17 events ranging from 10k to marathon but ended up running many more.

To date I have completed 120 races of marathon or ultra-distance, completing 52 marathons in 52 weeks in 2017, 100th lifetime marathon in April 2018 and 100 marathons in 100 weeks in June 2018.

Following undertaking the Leadership in Running Fitness course in November 2018, I am looking forward to supporting the club and sharing what I have learnt and my experiences to encourage anyone to achieve their own goals in running.


Leader in Running Fitness & Mental Health Champion

Hi I’m Kate and I’ve been running for about 30 years!!!! Why- well running was part of my degree course as I studied Sports Science at University but I wasn’t very good at it. When I finally decided that I wanted to run to keep fit I would go on my own then I found the Hurricanes and I haven’t looked back since.

In May 2018 I completed my Leader in Running Fitness course. To date I have also run distances from 5K right through to 55 miles. In total I’ve completed 28 marathons and 6 Ultra Marathons and still counting.

I wouldn’t call myself a good runner but I love running because it’s a way of making life long friends and a fab way of keeping fit.